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Resume from 16 April 2020

Account manager in Yerevan

I am looking for a job in Yerevan, dram 250,000, remote work
Arakelyan Tamara Suren 27 years old, Yerevan, higher education

Work experience

Personal assistant deputy general director
5 years 6 mo. Jul 2018 - Сurrent time
VTB Bank (Armenka), Yerevan
5 years 6 mo. Jul 2018 - Сurrent time
-scheduling meetings, calls,
- organization of workflow of the department of retail,
- organization of business trips,
- receiving guests, clients of the bank,
-other tasks on the executives request.

Higher education

Yerevan State University of languages and social scientists after Valeri Brusov, Yerevan
3 years 9 mo. Sep 2014 - May 2018


Russian - fluent, French - advanced, English - fluent, Armenian - fluent

Additional information

Highly motivated, self-disciplined and result oriented person with multilateral interests such as sewing cloths, making broches, painting and traveling. Always willing to learn something new, newer complaining of the amount of work.

Resume number: 432
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Nerkararyan Susanna
Project manager  $3,000
Nerkararyan S., 40 years old, Yerevan  |  Higher education
willing to relocate, remotely
Work experience: 2 years, Project manager, Telcell, Yerevan. 1 mo., Marketing Projects Manager, HayPost, Yerevan. 2 years, Digital Marketing Manager, Veon Armenia, Yerevan. 2 years, Internal Project Coordinator, Veon Armenia, Yerevan. Education: Yerevan State University, Philologist of Russian language and literature, Yerevan 2002 - 2006....
Nerkararyan Susanna
18 days ago
Гарибян Мариам
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Work experience: 5.5 years, IT SALES MANAGER, IT RECRUITER, Mirror Company - IT Sales Manager. Webex Technologies LLC - IT Sales Manager. Arnology LLC - IT Recruiter. WebSoft LLC - IT Recruiter. Account Manager (Upwork), Ереван. Education: ЕРЕВАНСКИЙ ГОСУДАРСТВЕННЫЙ УНИВЕРСИТЕТ, Юридический факультет, Ереван 2008 - 2012.
Гарибян Мариам
22 July 2023
Petrosyan Yelena Mesropovna
Petrosyan Y., 44 years old, Yerevan  |  Higher education
any schedule
Work experience: 7 years, Food and Beverage Supervisor, Armenia Marriott, Yerevan, Yerevan. 2 years, Food and Beverage Manager, Golden Palace Hotel, Yerevan. 1.5 years, Food and Beverage Manager, National Hotel, Yerevan. 1.5 years, General Manager, Goodys Burger House, Yerevan. 4 years, General Manager, Oriento Restaurant, Yereva. Education:...
Petrosyan Yelena Mesropovna
21 October 2023
Рыженков Евгений
Рыженков Е., 45 years old, Tbilisi, GE  |  Higher education
looking for job in Yerevan, willing to relocate, any schedule
Work experience: 1.5 years, Начальник смены складского комплекса, OZON (Fulfillment), Ростов-на-Дону. 1 year, Начальник смены, Распределительный центр X5 Retail Group (ТС Пятерочка), Ростов-на-Дону. 7 mo., Руководитель отдела складской логистики, Донаэродорстрой, Ростов-на-Дону. 2 mo., Начальник терминала, Складской комплекс DPD,...
Рыженков Евгений
18 minutes ago
Manager  $700
Frankyan E., 23 years old, Yerevan  |  Higher education
full time
Work experience: 11 mo., Офис-менеджер, Saber interactive , Ереван. 2.5 years, Секретарь организации, Союз молодежи , Минск. Education: Международный университет «МИТСО», правоведение , Минск 2017 - 2021.
10 days ago
Beglaryan D., 33 years old, Yerevan  |  Higher education
any schedule
Work experience: 4 years, Head of FEA Department, Alexars LLC (MG Group), Yerevan. 2.5 years, Head of FEA and storage Departments, Arman & Partner LLC, Yerevan. Education: ECONOMICS AND MANAGEMENT IN THE ENGINEERING INDUSTRY, Economist in construction field, Yerevan 2012 - 2014. ECONOMICS AND MANAGEMENT, Economist, Yerevan 2007 - 2012.
4 September 2023
HR manager  dram 200,000
Аракелян А., 23 years old, Yerevan  |  Higher education
full time
Work experience: 4 mo., Специалист по работе с клиентами, Директ Стар, Волгоград. 9 mo., Менеджер по управлению группой операторов, Ситистафф, Волгоградская обл.. Education: РАНХиГС, Государственное и муниципальное управление, Волгоградская обл. 2017 - 2023.
1 September 2023
Full name hidden, 50 years old, Kyiv, UA  |  Higher education
looking for job in Yerevan, remotely
No work experience. Education: European University, Financial management, Kiev 2003 - 2009, I'm looking for a job - Russian-Ukrainian-Russian translator. Main duties: Written translation of texts from Russian into Ukrainian and from Ukrainian into Russian. Ready to work with large volumes of information for translation. The finished translation...
19 days ago
Продажи  $3,500
Grigoryan V., 23 years old, Yerevan  |  Higher education
willing to relocate, any schedule
Work experience: 4 years, Manager, Logistic Usa, Yerevan. Education: Ysu, Политолог, Yerevan 2015 - 2021.
16 October 2023
Ani Hakobyan Zhirik
Business analyst  dram 2,500,000
Ani H., 32 years old, Yerevan  |  Higher education
part time
Work experience: 9 years, Director of Growth, My project, Yerevan. Education: Chance holding, manager, Yerevan 2013 - 2014, Since 2014, I have worked with well-known and high-demand brands in Armenia, I have created business projects that have had tangible success in various fields. I have drawn up more than 2000 business projects that have...
Ani Hakobyan Zhirik
21 September 2023
Chand Deep Deep
Farmer  dram 10,000
Chand D., 22 years old, Yerevan  |  Higher education
full time
Work experience: 9.5 years, Owner, Own, Hisar. Education: Government Polytechnic college , Business Management , Hisar 2019 - 2021, My hobbies in farming and Music I am farmer by birth my family have own farm in my birth village I loves Armenia and now i want to do something in farming at here.
Chand Deep Deep
28 August 2023
Full name hidden, 47 years old, Yerevan  |  Higher education
Work experience: 9 mo., Tranlator ,editor, CCCI, Yerevan. Education: AUA, Marketing and Management, Yerevan 2002 - 2004, Работала переводчиком удаленно в компании CCCI . Редактировала и переводила тексты различного уровня сложности.
8 August 2023
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