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MyCorp, ООО

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Armenia, Yerevan, 64 Arami str. Boulvard plaza
Armenia, Yerevan, 64 Arami str. Boulvard plaza
Регистрация: 29 октября 2018
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Деятельность компании

“My Corp” is a company founded in 2006, having aim to create a qualitative, efficient B2B/B2C centralized Internet network, which is the unique distinguishing feature of our business and our main goal.
Our long term strategy is to spread our B2B network through the entire globe, and we are starting our pilot mission in the Armenian market by creating necessary basis for future B2B/B2C development in the world.
Joining experienced professionals from different industries we put all the enthusiasm and ambitious goal to create first B2B centralized online market in the world via B2C online markets.

Компания образована в 2006 году.
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